#32 How to clear AWS CCP – Cloud Practitioner?

AWS CCP stands for certified cloud practitioner. It is one of the entry points in the cloud journey. This certification is for the person who wants to know about the services of Aws. The cost of the exam is 100 $. You can give a practice exam before the actual exam of Aws that costs you only 20$. This certification is valid for three years.


What does AWS CCP stands for

AWS CCP stands for certified cloud practitioner. It is one of the entry points in the cloud journey. This certification is for the person who wants to know about the services of Aws. The cost of the exam is 100 $. You can give a practice exam before the actual exam of Aws that costs you only 20$. The passing percentage in this exam is 70%.

AWS certification is valid for three years.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Aws recommends that Candidates should have at least 06 months of experience with the AWS cloud. It is not necessary to complete six months. You can give according to your preparation.
  • Candidates should have a basic understanding of IT services and their uses in the AWS Cloud platform.
aws ccp

Exam Syllabus

This exam consists of four parts:

  Domain              Percentage in Exam
1. Cloud  Concepts          26
2. Security and compliance 25
3. Technology 33
4. Billing and Pricing 16

Preparation Strategy.

For clearing this exam you need 12-15 hours of self-study and 5-6 hours of revision. Here is the four-point strategy which I followed to clear the exam.

  • First of all, you should cover the videos provided on the AWS learning platform. This course helps you to gain a basic understanding of AWS services easily. The link to Aws learning platform
  • Now you should try mock papers available on Udemy. Practice these papers until you get 90% in each exam. Read the explanation of each question to get a better understanding of the Aws services. You will get 60-70 % of questions from these papers, not the exact questions but the logic will be the same. The link of practice papers
  • If you do not want to purchase these practice papers then read the Aws white papers which are available on the AWS learning platform.
  • This exam is all about retention about the AWS services usage. You will get scenario-based questions in the exam. You should revise min 02 times about all services.

Booking the AWS CCP Exam

  1. Log in to your AWS certification account
  2. Once you are successfully logged in, click the Upcoming Exams menu link.
  3. After scrolling down on this page you will see two options 1. Schedule with Pearson Vue 2. Schedule with psi.
  4. To Book your exam with Pearson Vue you will have to follow these steps.
    1. In the Pearson Vue console, you will see two options 1. At test center 2. At the office or home. Choose option 2 if you want to give a test from home. Then click on the next. On the next page, you will find the Pearson Vue agreement. Read the agreement and then check all the boxes and click on agree.
    2. After this, you will get the option to choose your preferred language. Then click on Next.
    3. After this, you will see your exam details. In the confirmation tab, you can manage your test. Click on Next.
    4. Find an appointment according to your availability.
    5. Pay the fees for your exam. If you have the coupon/vouchers you can apply the same in the voucher/promotion section to get extra benefits. To see your benefits click on benefits which is available on the same tab where the Upcoming Exams link was there. You have to open the international payment option of your card.
    6. Congratulations😊! You have successfully booked your examination. All the best for the exam.

Last-Minute Tips

  • You will get mail from Pearson Vue for the system check requirement. You must check this requirement on the same system on which you want to give the test.
  • You should avoid giving tests on the company-provided laptops generally there is more restriction on this type of laptop.
  • Revise the important topic one day before the exam.
  • Practice mock papers before the actual exam to gain confidence.
  • Take a proper nap before the test.
  • On the exam, day log into the system 30 mins before the scheduled appointment.
  • Clear your table before the exam. No notes, no monitor, no electronic equipment. You can place your mobile phone at a one-hand distance from you. You will be provided an online proctor who will be in touch with you during the whole session of the exam.

Don’t miss these topics

In this section, I will cover the topics from which you might get questions in aws ccp. Here are the ten most important topics:

  • Aws Ec2 pricing model and instance types: Pricing model difference, instance application, message queuing.
  • Storage Services: Difference between storage services and their application in real life.
  • Aws global infrastructure: Cloud front( in details), Edge location. Application-based question. When and where to use it.
  • Shared responsibility model: You must be clear about the Aws responsibility, user responsibility, and the shared responsibility. You will get 3-4 questions on this topic.
  • Aws organization: You will get direct questions from this section. It is an easy and scoring section.
  • Aws budget and cost explorer 
  • The monitoring system of Aws: Cloud watch, cloud trail, and trusted advisor check are the important topics in this section.
  • Aws Waf architecture: Read Aws whitepapers carefully for this section.
  • Various services: Service health dashboard, personal health dashboard, marketplace, migration strategy.
  • Miscellaneous services: Aws glue, code commit, quick sight, technology partners, abuse team, data pipeline. For all this, you must read 3-4 lines about each from Aws white papers.

5 Point Strategy to be followed in AWS CCP

  1. Read the full question: Read the question carefully and catch the keywords or phrases from the question. If you miss this then it is a high chance that you will mark the incorrect response.
  2. Predict the answer before reviewing the response options: If you find your predicted answer in the options then it is a high chance that you will mark the correct answer as it avoids the distraction from the wrong responses. But you should also check the other options for confirmation.
  3. Eliminate incorrect options: Before selecting the options try to remove the incorrect option which you believe is incorrect. This strategy helps you with multi response questions.
  4. Time is not a barrier in this examination: 90 minutes is more than enough for this exam. You should check your answer twice before submitting your final response.
  5. Mark for review and flag the questions: In first go attempt the question in which you are confident and mark the question for review in which you are not sure and solve these questions only in the second attempt.


AWS CCP is an easy exam. You must be clear about cloud fundamentals. It is just the tip of a glacier in the AWS field. Best of luck for your cloud journey 👍.

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