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The Thought behind Teknonauts:

Tekno (meaning Urban word for Technology) and as combined with “Nauts” puts the Explorers to explore the technology world with their experiences.

We have a vision to create a platform for all the software learners to learn technology in simple yet powerful words in the competitive IT world. We have successfully published 35 number of Blogs on our website till date which are spread across over 22 categories. Don’t miss to explore them.

About Authors


Ashish Kumar Singal

Mobility & IOT Architect

Ashish is technology freak with around 10+ years of experience in IT Landscape. He started his journey as a device driver programmer in 2010. From that point he has evolved as a Mobility and IOT Architect, he completed his M.Tech from BITS Pilani as System Architect. He loves to contribute at different stages of development & mentoring the team mates to reach next level. His problem solving skills and never die attitude makes him must have team member. Ashish is a self motivated and wise person but also an inspiring perfectionist. In free time, he enjoy reading technical journals,meditate, palmistry and watching cricket.

Awadhesh Pratap Dwivedi

Enterprise Architect

Awadhesh is an IT industry leader with over 13+ years of experience. He is excellent at providing an easy solution to complex business problems with his tremendous problem-solving skills. He started his journey as a Java developer in 2008, learning many technologies since then he groomed himself as an Enterprise Solution Architect. Apart from being a great techie, he is a wonderful leader. His cool, calm, and composed behavior brings a lot of synergy within the team and keeps everyone motivated. He completed his B.Tech from UP Technical University Lucknow. He lives in Gurgaon with his wife and two daughters. He loves traveling, reading technical articles, and watching action movies in his free time.

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