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Thank you for your interest in becoming a teknonaut like us. You will be getting full recognition of your article as a contributor if you write for us. You will also start earning from your article or blog as royalty once we start earning. we will publish that monetizing model soon.

Below are the pointers on how you can get your article published:

Topics: Architecture, API Gateway, Databases, Development, IT Strategies, Future technology, IOT, Mobility, Java, Spring Boots or others falling in similar categories. Try not to copy another’s article which might lead you to some trouble. Be original in way you represent the topic.

Length: min -> 1,000+ words and max -> 3000 words

Cost: No cost. We don’t charge fees when accepting and publishing quality guest posts.

Delivery: .docx. But please don’t include any images in the .docx. If you have images or screenshots, please send them as attachments via email at team@teknonauts.com

Quality: The article must be among the best for its topic online.

Screenshots: In the “technology” niche, many article topics are enhanced with screenshots – especially how to type articles.

Links: Please source everything with accurate outbound links. In fact, if you do solid research, there should be around 3-5+ outbound links referencing your work. You may include one in content do follow link to your site.

Reserve the right to revision: Your article submission is a submission. It is not a sure thing. We reserve the right to refuse or require revisions.

Affiliate links: Please do NOT include any affiliate links. FYI we may add our own affiliate links to the article.

Copyright: You agree that copyright passes to Teknonauts.com.

Contact Info: Contact us at team@teknonauts.com to get the ball rolling.

We are very excited to working with all the software enthusiast out there in the cosmos.