#22 Google I/O 2021 Highlights : What you should know from big tech event

Schedule: Day 1 (18th May 2021) to Day 3 (20th May 2021)

Important Link: Google I/O 2021

Google I/O 2021 kicked of on Tuesday, the 2020 edition of the event had to be cancelled because of the pandemic but this year it returned as  virtual event. It began with a Keynote address where google executives and project managers  showed new software features, prototype video and new AI powered tools. Lets look into the highlights.

Google I/O 2021
Image Source Google.com

Android 12 Beta 1: latest features

As projected google officially releases the first beta release of Android 12 at I/O on Tuesday. Google pixel users will be the first to have their hands on latest build with the first beta already rolling to Pixel 5, Pixel 4/4a, Pixel 3.3a. Partner OEM’s also the join bandwagon to get the new build.

As projected, Google officially dropped the first beta release of Android 12 at Google I/O on Tuesday. As always, Google Pixel users are the first in line to get their hands on the latest software, with the first beta already rolling out to users with the Pixel 5, Pixel 4/4a, or Pixel 3/3a that are enrolled in the beta program. Several flagship phones from partner OEMs are also joining the Android 12 beta party. So far, the following OEMs have confirmed an Android 12 beta release for their Snapdragon 888-powered flagships:

WearOS merges with Tizen

Wear OS – Merges with Tizen

Google has finally decided to merge with Samsung Tizen. This coalition will result in longer battery life as Heart rate monitoring is always on as announced. 30 % faster loading time for applications and smoother animations. As per google, Devs will develop apps for one single platform. Also confirmed, next version of galaxy smart watch will run on this unified platforms. Fitbit will also leverage the new software.

Check Lamda – Your new digital buddy

Conversation of Plane and planet

Link to  – Google Lamda

This is one of the amazing announcement which came out of Google I/O 2021, its Lamda – language model which is build on Google’s neural network architecture called Transformer. As opposed to other models which are trained to answer queries, Lamda acts as free flowing conversation on pretty much any topic. In keynote, Google showed a demo of Lamda acting as the planet Pluto and a paper airplane and it was good. Currently it is in research and development phase but google plans to use it in google assistant and other products as well.

Project Starline – The future of Video Conferencing

Image Source Google.com

With a sneak peak into the future, most probably the google meet of the future. Being still a prototype, Google’s project Starline is a virtual meeting booth with holograms. Two persons sitting in their respective booths at different location, and technology make the virtually present in front of you. You will feel their presence in the room. This will be possible using depth sensors, multiple cameras and spatial audios. Google has set a timeline of 5 yrs. for them, currently it’s a proof of concept but yes its in their pipeline.

Google Maps – Eco-friendly & Safer routing

Image Source: Google.com
  • Eco-friendly routes and safer routing are two new features coming to Google Maps.
  • This will help people by suggesting routes  that will have lower fuel consumptions which will eventually reduce environment footprint.
  • Safer routing feature will leverage AI to suggest safer routes using datapoints from current road, traffic and weather conditions.

Google Photos: More control over your memories

  • Now you will have a secure folder that can be accessed by owner only. First will be rolled to Pixel and then other android devices.
  • Machine learning will help photos to create an album of photos that have three or more similar objects, shapes, colors and bold them in the memories.
  • Computational photography to bring life to standstill photos by adding missing frames by AI to produce animated images.

Google + Shopify

Google + Shopify

Google announced that they are closely working with Shopify to make merchants life easier to feature their products across google platform. In chrome, google is introducing a feature that will help consumers to “Pick up from the point where they left shopping in previous session”. When you open a tab in chrome, it will display your open shopping carts from across different shopping sites.


As per our analysis, Google has tried level best to roll out features for tomorrow and address issue of today by this years I/O 2021. The implementation is a challenge in the tough Covid times, lets stay connected to see what holds in the future of technology. Be with Teknonauts and explore more.

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